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A Brief Introduction to Soochow University Education Development Foundation

         Established on November 16th, 2006 with a registered capital of 21.11 million RMB, Soochow University Education Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the foundation” or “SUEDF”) is a non-public foundation approved by the Department of Education and the Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Under the scope permitted by the laws and regulations of China, the foundation aims to strengthen the communication and cooperation between Soochow University and different circles at home and abroad, raise funds for schooling, support the teachers and students of Soochow University, and promote the education development of the university.

“Developing the great cause of education by raising money from different communities”, under such an objective, the foundation has received supports from all sectors of the society over the past ten years. Counting from its establishment, SUEDF has collected over 800 million RMB for school-running. By strictly obeying relevant rules and regulations of the country, performing the articles of association, and following its original purposes, the foundation has been widely accepted and praised by the society. Moreover, during the previous annual inspections, the administrative organizations and the registration authority all spoke highly of SUEDFs performances. Starting from 2007, the foundation was bestowed with the honor of “a non-profit social organization for the public welfare in Jiangsu Province” and the qualification to be exempted from income taxes for seven consecutive years. In 2011, the foundation was even awarded as a 5A social organization, the highest honor given to institutes of its kind in Jiangsu Province. In this way, SUEDF actually became one of the first three university education development foundations offered with the glory in Jiangsu Province. In 2016, after passing the evaluation and reviewing process set for the social organization in the province, SUEDF was classified as a 5A social organization. Right in the same year, the foundation was also elaborated as a model social organization in Jiangsu Province.

As an ever-lasting theme of no-profit foundations, public-benefit activities are also one of the top concerns of SUEDF. Since its establishment, the foundation has launched a series of public-benefit activities to reward excellent teachers and students, support those from economically unstable families, upgrade experimental apparatus and appliances, organize high-level academic exchanges, and improve the level of scientific researches. By virtue of these great deeds, SUEDF has earned tons of praises from all the sectors of the society.  

With the development of the foundation, SUEDF will definitely make more contributions to the university on the road of becoming a top university in China and a well-known research-oriented institute in the world.

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