Projects of the Foundation

Projects of the Foundation

Fund for Student Cultivation: Currently, the university boosts over 47,000 students, 10% of which are from impoverished families. By setting different kinds of scholarships and student subsidies, SUEDF plays a pivotal role in promoting the development of the university and improving the quality of talent cultivation and social competitiveness. With the generous donations from all parts of the society, the university has established over 50 scholarships and subsidies, so as to benefit those needed excellent students.  

Fund for the Teacher Development: An excellent teaching team is absolutely necessary for the university to promote the development of the cause of education and establish a high-quality teaching system. Except for the grand investment put annually by the university to build a good teaching team, the generous donations from different sectors of the society are also used to reword those dedicated teachers who focus on their responsibilities and endeavor to improve their teaching methods.   

Fund for Scientific Researches: Aiming at promoting the development of researches and studies in basic sciences and applied sciences, different communities of the society offer their supports to the development of scientific researches in Soochow University by joining hands with the university. In this case, it plays an essential part in the successful operation of major projects influential to the national welfare and the people's livelihood and the overall implementation of research-oriented education.

Fund for the Development of the Campus Culture: As a historical university endures in the past 117 years, Soochow University is the first modern university established under the western education system. Being a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level, the Tiancizhuang Campus, together with the modern campuses near Dushu Lake and Yangcheng Lake, requires the establishment of a fund for the construction of the campus culture, so as to explore, inherit and promote the unique campus culture and better the construction of campus culture in Soochow University.

Fund Donated by Alumnus & Alumna: The fund donated by alumnus & alumna is set for the development of the university by combining the resources of former graduates. It is mainly used for providing rewards for excellent teachers, offering scholarships and subsidies for alumnus & alumna, and supporting the Huihan Foundation, the Project of Friendship Forest, the works of former schoolfellows, and other funding programs.